Royal Services Agency – a new insight intothe family Office!

Our agency warmly greets and welcomeseveryone who wants to be protected. We are an independent company that contributes to the creation of favorable conditionsfor wealthy clients and entire families to properly manage real estate, finance and other assets. In thisregard, we work closely with banks, financial groups and companies that manage capital.

Our solidteam will become your personal assistant, advisor and consultant. We create comfort, respect confidentiality, we individually approach to solving each task, taking into consideration the existing circumstances, and we provide the full consulting and legal support ofthe family after the execution of the order. You will be able to choose the best, taking advantage of all-round assistance of our Agency.

Reasons to choose Royal Services Agency

Do you wish to choose the best for your family?

Switzerland is an excellent choice for those who intend to bring up and give a high standard education totheir children in a high-level condition of mild climate and beautiful environment, as well as the most modern medical services.

Do you want to develop business infavourable economic conditions?

The prosperity of our company is due tothe stable economy of Switzerland, based on the actual production, a reliable banking system and advantageous conditions for business organization.

Royal Services Agency works closely with:

  • leading banks of Switzerland
  • experienced business consultants
  • leading auditors and accountants
  • companies in the sale and rental of real estate
  • highly qualified lawyers and lawyers specializing in corporate law, immigration and real estate matters.

Are you amazed bythe high living standard in Switzerland? You receive a nice incentive to travel with the whole family, don’t you?

All documentation and related issues are assigned to the Royal Services Agency team, which will give more time to solve other tasks.

To find out about additional offers or to consult, go to the contact page.

 Royal Services Agency – a team that I believe!

Irina Vazeу


Royal Services Agency

General manager